Mail Order Marriage Statistics: Facts About Amazing Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides suggest accurate marriage statistics with a positive impact as a whole. Mail order brides are purposeful and docile singles who are seeking foreign husbands and are going to move abroad to the homeland where a potential groom lives.

Mail order brides are the girls coming from Asia, Latin America, and some Slavic countries, including Russia. Mail order bride industry interacts with specialized online services. They are aimed at bringing together beautiful and sexy women from the USA and Western Europe as well. They do their best to help both parties find what they want. Specific sites provide mail order bride statistics and all the basic services to meet a suitable lady for marriage. Therefore, foreign single ladies are seeking husbands on the Internet.

Who Is a Mail Order Bride?

What is a mail order bride? It is a woman listed in catalogs and chosen by a man wishing to get married. This term is used to refer to women who wish to marry single foreigners in developed countries. Such ladies usually apply to international marriage agencies or register themselves on online platforms.

Mail order brides statistics state that these women are ready for marriage and are attractive to bachelors “female material.” It is not uncommon for them to create quality profiles on dating websites with quality photos and detailed personal descriptions in their profiles. According to marriage statistics, these women are happy to communicate with foreigners about their future relationships.

Mail order brides rarely want to marry fellow citizens, as relationship facts and statistics show. Instead, they prefer foreign men (most likely Americans, British, Australians, Germans, and Eastern men).

Mail Order Marriage Statistics

Mail Order Bride Facts

If you want to delve into the information on how effective and happy marriages with mail brides are, then everything is explained by marriage facts and statistics.

  • Mail order brides statistics shows that these women cannot find a soul mate in their home countries;
  • They crave amorous adventures;
  • Mail order brides wish to move to another country and settle there permanently;
  • Mail order brides like foreign men with good financial support;
  • They see foreigners as successful men who respect the rights of potential mail order brides;
  • Foreign mail order brides want to have mixed children;
  • They are open to seeking love anywhere in the world, as the statistics say.

Mail order brides are single ladies with clear intentions. They don’t want short-lived romances. They just want a traditional marriage. They are seeking a husband abroad and are ready to create international long-term relationships. These are women of different ages with different experiences in relationships. They may even have children.

Mail Order Bride Success Rate

It has collected data from real statistics on mail order marriages. Still, how many mail order marriages end in divorce? The US Citizenship and Immigration Service states that according to the mail order bride divorce rate, about 80 percent of relationships have lasted for so long. It also reports that mail order marriage agencies bring together about 4,000 to 6,000 couples of Western grooms and foreign brides every year.

According to the statistics, the Tahiri Justice Center has rated about 11,000 and 16,500 mail-order unions. Therefore, due to the statistics of the United States (not counting many other countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc.), it can be seen that the percentage of couples united is actually high. Such statistics give great hope for potential members of worldwide matchmaking.

Most Widespread Countries With Mail Order Brides

  • Thailand
  • China
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam
  • the Philippines

Relationship facts and statistics of the following countries are rather impressive. Many mail order girls throughout the world become potential life partners, as statistics of matrimony shows. The most widespread countries with mail order girls are China, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines as well. The usual age of Vietnamese mail order women is from 20 to 28 years old.

According to the statistics from the Commission on Overseas Filipino Affairs, it was stated that mail order girls represent about 10 percent of marriages between Filipino women and mature men from abroad. About 44 percent of foreign grooms are US citizens.

With the help of marriage services, about 2,000 single girls from the Philippines meet their ideal partners each year, and often it ends in a marriage agreement. 800 of the mail order women associate their family relationships with Western grooms. Due to the presented material from dated resources, a comparable trend goes for mail order women from Latin America and European countries. About 10 percent meet their spouses, of which 40-50 percent are grooms from the United States.

Do Mail Order Marriages Work?

Referring to the accurate statistics, mail order online services are quite efficient nowadays. The likelihood of meeting a soul mate on the Internet is very high. Still, do mail order brides exist? When creating a profile on a website, any mail order wife is sure to add basic data concerning herself. It means that you are communicating with a real person beyond the screen. Such an approach increases her chances of finding a man with the same desires and outlooks. Then, her account is advertised among other ladies’ accounts, and men can find women who match their tastes.

The great thing about a verified mail order bride service is that you don’t have to spend hours interacting with girls who don’t end up sharing the same goals and values. Once you have created a profile on any marriage website (and view the statistics of the accounts of numerous single ladies), you see which women attract you the most. Thus, you find the one who will impress you so much what can be a significant part of mail order bride success stories.

When using a mail-order marriage service, remember that your success depends a lot on active interaction with a possible woman for marriage. Hence, after reading the statistics, you choose one of the various communication tools provided by the mail-order brides’ services. The following services make an effort to connect you with a woman to the next level. You can choose from messaging, video chats, and other communication methods to facilitate your daily interaction.

If all goes well and you begin to understand whether a mail order wife is the woman you want to spend the rest of life with and whether you have every opportunity to marry. This event will complement the statistics of marriage creation internationally. Once you decide that you are ready to tie the knot, then a marriage agency will take over the organizational tasks and advise you on what documents are required. This greatly simplifies the process of getting married and moving. You will know how to properly draw up all the paperwork and speed up going abroad.

Widespread Countries With Mail Order Brides

List of Services Provided by Mail Order Brides Platforms

It includes all the necessary functions at a specific stage of international relations: from finding a suitable match and marrying a foreign mail order bride according to statistics.

Mail Order Brides Catalog

As mentioned in the statistics, it is the online directories of candidates that are an integral part of any mail order bride service. The more women in the catalog and the more high-quality and informative accounts, the more chances of finding the perfect woman who wants to get married.

To be useful and effective, the platforms for finding foreign spouses advertise themselves to both women and men seeking foreign family partners. By being better known and attracting more users, dating websites are becoming more effective in helping single hearts find their future spouses. The more choice, the easier it is to find the person that suits you.

Search Options

There are many single ladies in the catalogs of international marriage agencies. Online platforms have found a way to simplify the process of finding a partner. Such services offer a wide range of search filters. Thanks to such a feature, a user is able to set up a handy search without ladies who are not suitable. It serves for saving your time and effort to find the lady you need much faster.

Professional Matchmaking

Some busy and self-respecting men generally have no time to seek mail-order girls. This is why they join online platforms, hoping to find a match there much faster than in real life. According to statistics, finding a bride on the Internet on their own may be as efficient as they thought.

What Gives an Acquaintance When Contacting a Marriage Agency?

  • Convenient system of posting brides’ profiles. According to statistics, the number of questionnaires is increasing every month. The agency independently draws up a questionnaire and translates it into a foreign language. A girl only needs to think in advance what information she would like to provide to potential partners and prepare photographs (best of all, if they are professional). The best photographs for the questionnaire will also be selected and processed.
  • Individual search for a potential partner. For each mail order girl, the search for a potential husband is based on individual parameters. This allows you to find the right man in a short time.
  • Big choice. A huge number of foreigners apply to the agency. After all, they know that foreign girls are the most beautiful, well-groomed, well-mannered, intelligent, and even wonderful housewives. There are also many handsome, successful middle-aged men among men.
  • Security. The user can be completely sure that no personal data (address, phone number) will be provided to potential partners. The user can stop communicating with the interlocutor at any time.
  • Benefit. About 85 percent of ordinary online dating ends with serious connections and absolutely effective acquaintances. Girls are satisfied in this way of finding a husband and in the future do consider him. However, it is better to trust a professional matrimonial agency.
  • Free provision of services. Regarding mail order statistics, acquaintances with foreign suitors are absolutely free. All expenses are paid by men. In fact, the only thing clients invest is their time. Given the advantages of this dating method, it’s worth trying. You will get a chance to find your loved one who will match your ideal as much as possible.


In addition to real acquaintances, the statistics show that marriages in the countries of Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, and China are more successful. In addition, online mail-order bridal platforms offer everyone the opportunity to find a soul mate. As with real dating, there are guarantees that the person you are meeting is the right life partner.

Also, verified dating websites allow you to search for a person who will match your preferences. This process does not take as long as in real life. Indeed, many people take this chance and find like-minded people. Moreover, statistics on mail order marriages show that most relationships ending in sacred marriage are long-lasting.

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