Find an Ideal Girl for Marriage With the Help of Mail-Order Bride Services

Having decided to find a girl for marriage with the help of the Internet, many men (especially inexperienced) face various difficulties. If you are a person who wants to create a family with a sweet mail order girlfriend, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

What Is a Mail Order Wife?

So, who mail order brides actually are? They are overseas brides who are interested in getting married to a foreigner and utilize specialized platforms for this. As a rule, real mail order brides are ready to move to another country.

How Do Mail Order Bride Services Work?

There are hundreds of dating sites and dating apps where you can find bride for marriage: Tinder, Pure, and Happn, Badoo, LovePlanet, OkCupid. Some of them suggest finding the girls looking for marriage from a certain circle: Grindr is useful for the LGBT community, JDate is a nice choice for the Jewish community, OurTime is designed for the elderly.

Most importantly – contrary to popular skepticism – dating apps do work. In the United States alone, from 2005 to 2012, 3 million people who met through the Internet got married, that is, about 1/3 of all registered marriages.

Such resources are perfect to find people for friendship and relationships. If you want to find a soul mate, you should start your search with such sites and applications.

Note that the functionality and operating principles of different dating web portals may differ significantly. Let’s take a look at several popular sites to understand how platforms of this type work.

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Why Are Girls Looking for Husbands on the Internet?

There are several top reasons why girls interested in marriage choose mail order marriage. Here are some of them:

  • They love foreign men. Many mail order women consider foreigners much more attractive than men living in their countries.
  • The low percentage of men in a native country of a girl for marriage.
  • The desire for a better life. This especially applies to those mail order girls who reside in countries with poor economic situations.
  • Outdated family values. In some countries, girls interested in marriage are still considered equal to animals. So, trying to escape from it, an average mail order wife uses specialized services that can help her find a better life.

How to Find Girl For Marriage

We now have approached one of the most important things you should be aware of if you are eager to buy a bride online. The first thing that a girl for marriage will pay attention to is your profile. So, here are our recommendations of how to fill in your profile so that girls interested in marriage will like you.

There are tons of amazing dating sites, but none of them guarantees an instant solution to the problem of loneliness and a happy ticket to the registry office. If you nevertheless decide to buy a bride on the Web, do the main thing – fill in your profile correctly.

Let’s start with a photo. It is worth giving preference to portrait photos, as well as full-length ones. Then girls for marriage will be able to get the most complete picture of your appearance.

  • Add full-length photos and portraits.
  • Give preference to photos with a slight smile.
  • Do not publish professionally processed images – they are bad because of too much retouching.
  • Do not post photos with children or in a company.
  • Try to add photos that tell about your hobbies and interests.

Then try to open your soul – fill in the section “about myself”. Many ignore it and thus commit a gross mistake. After all, the more you tell, the more accurately the girl for marriage will imagine you.

  • Tell about what you love (books, music, favorite cuisine, sports). Do not forget about extraordinary preferences.
  • Avoid hackneyed and too clever sayings. It is better to pick up excerpts from books, poems that you like.
  • Indicate that you are serious and do not like long texting on the Internet (it is better to go straight to personal meetings with an interesting candidate).

Once you have found a foreign girl for marriage you are interested in, write to a girl! It may be a joke, an interesting fact, etc. Try not to be banal – and it will pay off. If the girl for marriage likes you too, you may invite her for a date.

Another thing to remember: the majority of dating platforms and apps include lots of paid services. So, if you are really interested in finding a mail order bride, be ready to pay. As a rule, they are not too expensive.

Where to Buy a Wife

There are tons of sites that can help you buy a wife. Do mail order marriages work? Indeed. So, here is the rating of reliable platforms you can utilize to buy a girl or simply to get acquainted with girls interested in marriage.

  3. OkCupid;
  4. Badoo;
  5. Russian Hearts;
  6. eHarmony;
  7. Zoosk;
  8. Plenty of Fish;
  9. Christian Mingle;
  10. Rusdate;

Best Country to Find a Wife

If you are single and cannot meet the ideal girl interested in marriage in your country, you can order a girl with the help of specialized services.

Some countries are the most attractive for finding girls interested in marriage, so let’s have a look at them.


Vietnam has long been the focus of Western attention, which only increased when American soldiers discerned the elegant beauty and sophisticated manners of Vietnamese girls interested in marriage.


Brazilian girls interested in marriage are beauties with huge eyes. Because of this, a stereotype arose that all Brazilian girls are like that, and this attracts many men from around the globe.


For those interested in traditional Asian beauty, China is the ideal place to choose a girl interested in marriage. There are very few mestizos in this country. Almost all Chinese girls have a classic Asian appearance.


High poverty rates, high numbers of single girls interested in marriage, and female beauty make Thailand an attractive market to find an ideal girl.


This state in Eastern Europe is famous all over the world for its beautiful girls interested in marriage. A number of obvious advantages put these girls in one of the highest places in the ranking of brides.

Why Looking for a Bride on the Internet Is Ok

Our world is constantly changing, and this applies to people’s attitudes towards dating and marriage platforms.

Earlier, it was believed that only losers who could not find their soulmate in real life were using the Internet for finding partners. Nowadays, there is a fashionable tendency to get acquainted through the Internet. Dating sites are loved by young men and girls interested in marriage, as they are a quick and easy way to find a couple without even going out.

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Basic Stats About Mail Order Brides Services

Nowadays, over 30% of all current relationships begin online. According to various statistics, about a third of all Internet users have used dating resources at least once. About one and a half million people spend time on such resources from 4 hours a day or more.

The sex ratio on the sites is 50:50 on average. However, this factor may differ significantly on different marriage platforms. Many resources are dominated by a male audience.

Interesting fact: British psychologist Jeffrey Gavin conducted a study in which young people aged 19-26 took part. They registered on dating sites. As a result, 72% of users continued to communicate offline.

Many experts claim that sites like Match and Tinder are extremely positive for today’s society. They strengthen social bonds and enhance the diversity of society as a whole. Such resources make it possible for people from various social circles and from different geographic locations to communicate. The number of international marriages increases due to such sites.

Benefits of Using Mail Order Brides Service

Every experienced wife finder would say that online dating services have lots of benefits. An international marriage agency is an ideal place not only to buy a woman but also to enjoy a number of other positive moments.

  1. Self-esteem. It is interesting that when communicating on the network, self-esteem increases noticeably. Thanks to such a simple and, at the same time, significant advantage, dating sites gather a huge audience of subscribers. Moreover, on such sites, women over 40 and young girls for marriage who have barely turned 20 make acquaintances – in fact, there is no special age qualification.
  2. Lack of time. We understand that a modern person in a metropolis or in a small city in real life often does not have enough time for anything since there is a need to work a lot, and sometimes a person is not limited to one workplace. In such situations, marriage platforms also come to the rescue.
  3. Gender freedom. Complete gender freedom reigns on such resources. If a girl wants to meet a guy herself and not wait for him to call or write to her, then she can easily do it, this behavior is considered completely normal. Exactly the same applies to communication with several men at once: there is nothing shameful in it, and a girl who chooses from a dozen candidates is not uncommon here. This is not considered frivolous: moreover, this approach is normal on special resources. Virtual dating has its own rules of etiquette, which are different from real-life ones.


As you can see, finding a girl for marriage is not a problem anymore. With the help of modern platforms, one can find an ideal girl for marriage from any corner of the world without going anywhere.

Betty Peterson
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